Quickfire Blog Post – Sam Blissard

* Post 3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary collectives/labs/companies. Write one sentence explaining what is unique about each linked entity.

  • http://ict.usc.edu/groups/social-simulation/ (social sciences, computer science) Under the social simulation group at USC, the COSMOS project’s main effort among others is the PsychSim framework that seeks simulate varying scales of social interaction and how predisposed attitudes of individuals within the simulation affect decisions based on the perception of other indivudals.
  • http://flirtey.com/ (aerospace engineering, packaging systems and design, computer science) Flirtey, a company that aims to delivery anything from food to emergency supplies via drone, was responsible for the first FAA-authorized drone delivery in the US.
  • http://www.tobiidynavox.com (computer science, usability, cognitive science, psychology) DynaVox creates a variety of assistive devices that allow its users to interact with interfaces in a variety of ways (touch, eye-tracking, voice) and can be adjusted for varying degrees of impairments.

* Post 3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary projects. Write one sentence explaining what is unique about each linked entity.

  • https://folding.stanford.edu/ (biology, computer science) Folding@home utilizes the distributed computing power of participants’ machines to model protein folding so that scientists can study how malformed proteins are created.
  • https://www.tacc.utexas.edu/documents/13601/88789/Titanic_Twisters.pdf (meteorology, physics, computer science) University of Oklahoma researchers were able to accurately simulate the seemingly unpredictable scale and scope of tornadoes using existing Doppler radar data.
  • http://medvr.ict.usc.edu/projects/bravemind/ (psychology, computer science) Unlike other methods of exposure therapy, this project uses virtual reality to accurately recreate the traumatic experiences of a PTSD patients, replicating the sounds and sights they remember, in order to overcome their anxieties.

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