Samyak Singh – Quickfire Post #1.

3 links – transdisciplinary collectives/labs/companies. 

  1. MFA in Transdisciplinary Design : This Fine Arts program exposes students to a unique set of practices – such as ‘Reflective Collaboration’, ‘Complexity Modeling’, and ‘Fitness Prototyping’ – to address diverse social issues on a global scale.
  2. 3Deluxe – Transdisciplinary Design Agency : This German design agency is one of the few companies that is completely centered around transdisciplinary design.
  3. Adhere Tech – Startup : This New York based startup takes Internet of Things to pharmacy by building smart pill bottles that alert patients to prevent them from missing doses. This is unique because the tech is unlike other IOT’s that are desirable, but not necessary.

3 links – transdisciplinary projects

  1. Chui – Smart Doorbell : A doorbell that uses facial recognition to alert home owners, and allow access.
  2. Kaffee Partner Corporate Headquarters : This design project by 3Deluxe merges 2 very distinct concepts – corporate and minimalism. It’s almost an oxymoron. Corporations are so big and complex, yet this headquarter is designed to be simple and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Emotional Waste Management : This project approaches waste management in a very remarkable way by helping consumers understand the psychological attachment to things.





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