Somn Kafley: Quickfire post #1

3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary collectives/labs/companies.

  • foam FoAM is a networked, collective based at Brussels, Belgium  who are re-imagining the possible future at interstices of art, nature, science and everyday life.
  • UNS-Translab ETH-NSSI Transdisciplinarity  Laboratory(TdLab) aspires to conduct mutual learning through research and application for sustainable development.
  • nexuslab  A transdisciplinary collaboration that works on various projects to bring meaningful change in our society.

3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary projects.

  • Security strategies for police, municipal  It is a research project design to develop transdisciplinary strategies tackling crime and feeling of insecurity.
  • CSUN.EDU An important transdisciplinary teacher development project focused on creating teachers and educators with the holistic approach.
  • Sustainability science  This project aims at bridging gap between science and society through transformational agenda of sustainable science.

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