Quickfire Blog Post 1 – Colton Walker

3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary collectives/labs/companies

  • Pandora combines database management and music analysis through their Music Genome Project to relate songs to each other, better understand listeners’ tastes, and play songs that cater to each individual listener based on the songs they’ve saved or skipped.
  • Airbnb combines programming and social media with the hospitality industry by utilizing user profiles, ratings and reviews to help users list, find and rent places to stay in cities all around the world.
  • Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre combines theatre production with education by providing free health education to schools and communities through music, comedy and drama.

3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary projects

  • WalnutiQ combines computer science and neuroscience by experimenting with a simplified visual pathway from an eye to algorithms that model the brain in order to understand the principles of intelligence.
  • Schoolhouse Rock combines the fields of education, musical composition and video production in order to educate children about grammer, mathematics, history and more.
  • Commits.io combines graphic design and software development in order to create a poster with your company’s logo on it made entirely from the text within your projects code.



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