Quickfire Post 1 – Matt Favero

* Post 3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary collectives/labs/companies. Write one sentence explaining what is unique about each linked entity.

  1. Solve for X is a Google research project similar to Google X. Solve for X, unlike Google X, is focused on practical solutions to real world problems, and combines the efforts of professionals in fields from artificial intelligence to agriculture.
  2. Oculus is a subsidiary of Facebook dedicated to creating high-end virtual reality technology. The company sought to disrupt an industry and creative a consumer-affordable headset, and joins graphics programmers working alongside artists and even robotics engineers.
  3. Calico is another research project owned by Google, with the focus on extending human life span. Their claim is that it will take the transdisciplinary efforts of many scientists of aging, medicine, chemistry, and other biological fields to solve this problem.

* Post 3 links to exemplar transdisciplinary projects. Write one sentence explaining what is unique about each linked entity.

  1. The Hyperloop was a project suggested by Elon Musk, and now being tackled by various groups (including Virginia Tech). What’s unique about this project is it involves many engineering disciplines and industrial designers all working together, to create a safe and practical transportation system for the future.
  2. Wikipedia is an interesting take on a transdisciplinary project in compiling all human knowledge. While contributors write and read asynchronously, they are no doubt transformed by the collaborative writings of experts in different fields.
  3. Steam is a platform created by company Valve to distribute and sell PC games. Interestingly, Steam has a thriving economy which they have hired Greece’s finance minister to work alongside and advise their software engineers. Overall, Steam (and Valve in general) involves combined efforts of technical professionals with artists and even scientists.

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