Questions to consider as you read John Dewey

  1. How does Dewey’s conception of works of art grapple with computer generated art, hybrid systems, wearable and online works?
  2. What are the ‘vital arts’ today that we do not take to be art?
  3. What are the consequences and implications of removing art from everyday experience? (role of mass culture)
  4. Is art something to be experienced between 7-10pm?
  5. Are museums today testaments to imperialism and nationalism? How do the forces of capitalism drive the separation of art from everyday life?
  6. ‘An artist cannot work mechanically for mass production” – how does this statement align or contradict the work of Warhol, Banksy, Hirst, Murakami?
  7. Do you agree with Dewey’s consideration of those with esthetic and scientific purposes?
  8. Are ideal esthetic experiences really those with agreeable pasts and reinforcing futures?
  9. Are these experiences ‘heightened vitality’?
  10. What do you think of the definition of experience -vs- an experience, particularly the role of unity and conclusion?
  11. Do you agree with his descriptions about hurriedness and lust for action not inviting reflection?

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