Quickfire Post


  1. espadaysantacruz
    Creative studio out of Madrid that has created a variety of interactive pieces from kinetic light sculptures to a multiplayer Pong installation.
  2. Minimaforms
    Experimental architecture and design studio using generative, behavioral concepts to shape their installations and robotics based projects.
  3. Elseware
    Experimental, architectural collective using generative design to research and create responsive structures and gallery installations in response to human input.


  1. Pathfinder by princeMio
    Visual language that generates shapes that morph into each other with a few limited inputs from the user as a way to inspire motion.
  2. Avena+ Test Bed by Benedikt Groß
    Project based on the concept of agricultural printing using seeds and an external GPS device to maximize accuracy.
  3. .fluid by Hannes Kalk
    A study of an interactive, changing surface that changes from fluid to solid and from plain to 3 dimensional symmetric patterns.

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