Entering Wal-Mart through Exit Door. Pressure Project #1

Description: I feel embarrassing when someone enters the Wal-Mart through the exit door. Every time I see shoppers doing these, I find myself among them. Few problems I found in the Wal-Mart doors are:

  • Entry-Exit signs aren’t displayed properly.
  • The source of confusion: Most of the Wal-Mart stores have enters sign on the left side and exit on the right side. These are particularly annoying because people in the US drives right-side that automatically misleads them towards right.
  • Even in the absence of people exiting the stores, I have found the exit doors open.

Illustrations of Original experience: I entered Wal-Mart through the exit door. I felt embarrassing when I found myself being noticed by people. I started paying attention after that very moment. In the next few visits, I realized that I wasn’t the only one.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.37.14 AM.png



Presentation of design process: My design process includes three simple steps through which I personalize error-laden experience.Blank Flowchart - New Page

Description and concept sketches of proposed intervention: In the above description, I have identified the issues regarding Wal-Mart doors. Having been through a situation myself, I learned that people don’t pay attention to small details. The Wal-Mart doors issue is one, but it can be eliminated through conscious design. Some of the approaches that Wal-Mart can consider to eliminate such issues are:

  1. Display brighter enter and exit sign. In addition, add voice command at the door to inform shoppers while entering through the wrong doors.
  2. Review design, study the behavior of customers and make changes accordingly. People in the US walk and drive on the right side, so it might be useful to use a right door for entering the stores.
  3. Remove all entry and exit signs so that people can choose whichever entries they want to use it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.38.38 AM.pngReflection on the challenges of designing for yourself: Designing for myself was confusing because above experience is also a common sense problem. Moreover, designing alone is somewhat skeptical due to lack of feedbacks. In the above case, Wal-Mart might have placed exit doors on the right side considering that checkout, customer service and restrooms are closer to the exit door. Among three proposed interventions, I prefer the last one.







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