Pressure Project 1 – Phillip Shin

Description and illustration/diagram of analyzed experience: Setting up and using printers always seem to come with a plethora of errors. Usually it’s a driver issue, but sometimes there’s weird errors. One time the error message said there was something wrong with a spindle or something. Fixing these errors can range from a couple minutes to a few hours of Googling to figure out how to solve the issue.Screenshot_1

Design Process: AEIOU

Activities: using the printer with minimal errors

Environments: at home, at work, at public buildings like libraries

Interactions: plugging laptop/computer into the printer, using the printer’s UI to either print or troubleshoot some error

Objects: printers, other people, possible WiFi interference

User: people wanting to print something without having to troubleshoot

Description and concept sketches of proposed intervention: Due to the wide range of types of devices and operating systems a printer needs to be compatible with, errors are unavoidable. One possible solution to alleviate this is standardizing the way printers interact with computers. A platform-independent standard printing protocol along with an interaction layer at the software level per operating system could be implemented. The idea is analogous to how Java achieves platform-independence using the JVM.


Reflection on the challenges of designing for yourself: It wasn’t too difficult to design for myself as I could be extremely biased. My initial solution was just have a printer that would work perfectly for my specific laptop/OS. But I figured this solution was too lackluster and thought how the experience of having a printer tailored to your own computer/OS be done for everyone. So then I started thinking of things that were pretty successfully platform-independent when the JVM came to mind.


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