Pressure Project One- Mark Olsen


Description and illustration/diagram of analyzed experience: On a given night of intramurals the supervisor and the scorekeeper use iPads with an in house built application name versus. The versus app is the main part of intramurals on a given night. This app help check people in to the teams and have a lot administrator forms. About multiple times a night the versus app will crash when in a middle of doing check in or filling out forms.


pressure project one

Design Process: AEIOU

Activities: using the versus app easy

Environments: Outside at the Intramurals fields and War Memorial Gym.

Interactions: Checking in the players so they can play. Filling administration forms.

Objects: Being able to do their job without having the app crash when filling out any paper work.

User: Supervisor, Scorekeeper and Officials.


Description and concept sketches of proposed intervention: The proposed of this intervention will help make the people who are working a given night intramurals will be able to get through a night with less headaches. The main idea of this is redoing the program and testing it as one re built it. The main idea of re-making because there are many nights where the application does not even work.


Reflection on the challenges of designing for yourself: The hardest part of this project is not coming up with a solution but coming up a time when machines fail me. This idea is hard for me to think because I spend a lot of time how technology and machines on each day. Most of them work without any problem when I need it to work.


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