Pressure Project #1 – Brandon Jacobsen


I am sitting in my car and trying to use the voice commands to make a phone call. It takes several tries for the microphone to pick up on my voice and it still fails. I finally give up on trying to use the voice commands to make my call. Now I am forced to pick up my phone and make the call which distracts me from paying attention to the road.



AEIOU Design Process


  • Driving vehicle
  • Using voice commands
  • Physically using phone


  • Inside Car
  • Wherever the user is driving


  • Pressing button to give voice command to make phone call
  • Giving voice command to make the phone call several times
  • Picking up phone and making the phone call straight from the phone 


  • Car
  • Microphone
  • Phone


  • Anybody giving a voice command in the car



I came up with two solutions that could improve the efficiency of the voice command system in the vehicle. Both solutions have their pros and cons.

The first solution was to move the microphone to above the driver’s seat. This would improve the chances of the microphone accurately picking up on the driver when he is using his voice commands. Unfortunately if any other user in the car needed to use the voice commands it would be very problematic.

Fix for driver

The second solution I had was to install multiple microphones, two in the front and two in the back of the car. This would allow for anybody to access the voice commands efficiently at any point in the vehicle. The con though is if multiple people are talking during a voice command it will lead to confusion and the software won’t be able to determine the command you want to use.

Microphones throughout car

Between the two solutions I have decided that installing the microphone above the driver’s seat would be the best idea. Most of the time the driver will be the only person in the vehicle so it seems unnecessary to install multiple microphones. At the same time it’ll also prevent the confusion when there are multiple people speaking throughout the vehicle.



The hardest part of coming up with a solution was trying to decide whether I wanted to accommodate for all of the people in the vehicle or for just the driver. I realized that most of the time people are on the road they are typically alone in the vehicle. Therefore it made sense to just move the current microphone to the driver’s side of the vehicle. I believe that it would have been easier to decide on the better solution if I was working within a group rather than by myself. In my opinion it is harder to design alone as you don’t have anybody to bounce ideas off of and all of the decisions are up to you. I feel that designing alone can end up leading to a bias decision rather than what might be best for the general public.


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