Pressure Project 1 – Ceiling Light and Fan

Written description and illustration/diagram of the analyzed experience

In my apartment there is a connected ceiling light and fan in the living room. This ceiling light and fan are both linked to a single circuit switch. The design error are the pull strings for the light and fan. These two strings are identical at a glance and is difficult to distinguish between the fan string and light string. This requires the user to either memorize the strings or make them visually distinguishable. But new users will always have to ask or use trial and error to turn off a single function.

Presentation of design process

Activities- Toggling on and off of the light OR toggling the speed of the fan.

Environment- Any room with an unfamiliar ceiling fan and light.

Interactions- Toggle only one function of the machine by pulling the matching string.

Objects- One main switch and two identical strings matching to an unknown function.

Users- New users without the assistance of previous users.
Description and concept sketches of proposed intervention.


My proposed intervention is to add images to the ends of the strings. A light bulb image to match the light string and a fan image to match the fan string. Also include a retracting “fan” string to better measure the speed of the fan. The user can thereby better understand the current settings. This approach could be done to dim the lights. I designed this to be as intuitive as possible and keeping the strings.

Written reflection on the challenges of designing for yourself.

The major challenge for designing for myself is cost and usefulness for others. My proposed intervention requires too much cost for a one time error. Others may not find this to be useful and totally overkill. There are more simpler and efficient ways to fix this problem. In conclusion designing for myself is too specific to my wants and does not compromise with everyone.


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