Pressure Project 1 – Pranavi Kotagiri


I often take a left or a U-turn at the signal of the intersection of Prices Fork Road and Stranger Street. When I need to go on campus, I end up taking the left turn either when there is a left signal at the light or when there is a yield signal (in which case I have to wait to check if there is incoming traffic. Ever so often, when I need to go North Main Street, I try to make a U-turn at this signal (where it does not explicitly show the sign that say NO U-TURNS.) There is only a sign that signals to keep to the right since there is IMG_0596a divided road/highway. Sometimes there will be incoming cars on the left side of the intersection which are trying to make a right turn at the exact time I am making the left turn (when I have the right of way since my signal is green). There have been a couple times where both of our cars have come close to crashing into each other.


Design Process:

  • Activities:
    -Driving/turning a car
    -Yeilding/stopping at signal
    -Me as a driver looking left at oncoming traffic
    -The other driver turning right not looking right but only left
  • Environments:
    -Traffic signal intersection at Prices Fork Road/Stranger Street
    -Inside waiting in/driving the car
    -At any time of day
  • Interactions:
    -Driving the car/turning the wheel of the car
    -Making a right/left turn signal
    -Interaction of sudden break/accident when suddenly see the other car turning the same way
  • Objects:
    -My car
    -Other car
    -Median road sing
  • Users:
    -The other driver



Proposed Solution:

From the list of possible solutions I pick the first and second ones combined to be the proposed one. If I went through with these two solutions, I would have the right of way and the other driver would be aware of me taking the U-turn. The other driver would check left and right with the help of the warning sign and rules would be followed and both of us as drivers would be aware of our surroundings. It might be harder for the other driver since it might take more time for them to get somewhere.



At first when I was trying to design the solution, I had to worry about time and making it easier for myself. The traffic rules were on my side, so even if I ended up crashing into the other car, I would not be at fault. A solution had to be made to prevent any sort of damage or injury. Signs are meant to be placed on roads for drivers to be more self aware of where they are and what they are doing. So I took the help of them to make this environment safer for drivers.


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