The Observed Life: Two-Factor


So recently Virginia Tech implemented a new feature called two factor into their login system. This means if you want to login into scholar/hokie spa you have to first login using username and password like usual but now they decided to add an extra security feature called two factor where once you have logged in you must confirm that it is you by either setting up a smartphone using an app to allow you to login or you will receive an email to confirm that it is you logging in. In my case I have yet to set up my two factor and just have to hit not now every time I log in.


Design Process: 


Activities: Logging in and having to hit the confirm button every time you log in.

Environments: Scholar and Hokie spa anywhere with internet

Interactions: Having to login, setup the two-factor and confirm

Objects: Internet capable devices and the websites

Users: Student, faculty

Proposed Intervention:

So for my idea for improving two-factor would be to either add a feature two select how long you want to remain logged in for so you don’t have to do the two-factor each time you login. For example only once, a day, a week, or a month. Another option would be to permanently add a device so that you only have to use two-factor once.

Now another idea I had was to just get rid of two-factor all together. I never really had any issues with account security before two-factor and don’t think I would need one. It is getting quite annoying to have to click not ow every time I want to log into scholar. They should at least give an option to never sign up with it so I don’t have to click not now every time I log in.



As far as thinking of ideas I don’t think it was too hard to think of solutions, but I feel like my ideas were very narrowed and pointed towards doing away with the Two-Factor. I think that if I were working with other people that we could help bring at least a few more ideas to the table and allow for more interesting and creative solutions. I was probably very biased towards this as well since I have not even set up the app myself, but I do know people who have and from what I see it looks tedious.


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