My Sad Bagel Cutter


I love bagels.  When I was younger, my parents forbid me from using a knife to cut my bagel in half, instead opting for me to use the “bagel cutter machine”.  The machine consisted of a slot for inserting the bagel, after which you push a large handle with a knife down into the slot, cutting the bagel in half.

Unfortunately, this type of bagel cutter rarely, if ever, cuts the bagel evenly.  On most days, you will be left with a very sad thin slice for one half, and an overly thick slice for the other.  So it’s like I’m eating a crisp slice of toast or an overly thick loaf of bread with whipped lard for breakfast.

Photo on 2-4-16 at 9.44 AM

Proposed Intervention/Problem:

A bagel thinner than the slot rarely sits in the middle, instead tilting to one side or the other.  This results in a diagonal cut, with one side usually being of significant different width.  My proposed solution is to include a set of optional plastic inserts, which can be used to center thinner bagels within the device.  In this manner, a straight cut down the center of the bagel can be ensured.

Photo on 2-4-16 at 10.15 AM

Design Process: AEIOU

Activities- Placing the bagel into the device, cutting the bagel with the handled blade

Environments- Kitchen

Interactions- Ensuring the bagel is centered for an even cut, cutting the bagel, pulling the bagel out, cleaning the device

Objects- Base of cutter, handled blade

User- Anyone too afraid to use a knife to cut their bagels.


Written reflection on the challenges of designing for yourself:

It took me quite a bit of time to think of an error laden experience from my own home.  Usually I find that I run into problems with the design of things outside of my home, as in my own home I usually quickly figure out ways to avoid problems.  Especially when you spend 10+ hours in the same place every day, you learn to deal and live with what you have.


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