Reflection on Critique

How entry-exit door relates to store set up was one among many comments that got my attention.

Do you think enter/exit side relates to store set up?

I found this interesting because doors set up is the big part of Wal-Mart store design. In the US, people drive on the right, and many commercial kitchens are on the right. In other word, people are taught to think and act towards the right side. However, while standing in front of Wal-Mart store, the exit door is on the right side of your sight. Such a set up is to avoid bottleneck close to the entry-exit door because cash registers, customer service and pharmacy are designed to place on the right side of the main entrance. In this way, outgoing customers can easily exit without colliding with an incoming customer.

Wal-Mart has to change the entire design in order to change the exit door on the right side because they have to shift cash registers and customer service desk to the left side of the store.


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