postit1“OMG this is my life.”

*  *  *

This one might not seem particularly engaging at first, however, it really elicited a response from me. Besides repeating the catchy “O-M-G this is my life” a dozen times, I was particularly moved by the extent to which someone related to my evaluation. As a designer, it is imperative to produce a product or intervention that will catch on and be remembered, as opposed to being disregarded and glossed over. Yet, when I was designing, I was designing for me. That’s one of the reasons this got such a response from me: I was able to connect outside of my target audience. Granted, in this situation, anyone is outside my target audience, but because of the depth to which the connection was formed, I felt like the impact of design was heightened.

Lots of times, designers are criticized for fixing things that “aren’t broken,” and this is typically because they have not related to any sort of audience in a meaningful way. This critique made me feel like I had established such a connection–really getting inside someone’s life–which I think is the heart of design.



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