Post It Reflection – Daniel Amick

“Time to invest in cloud storage!” – Anonymous

Among the large amount of post-its either telling me to control my limbs, or suggesting alternatives, this suggestion stuck with me. It stuck with me because (like 8 other suggestions I received) I addressed the problem with this idea during my presentation. After reading through these suggestions, I started to think about how people will personally defend the objects, despite how insignificant, that they carry around with them. Phones, shoes, wallets, or apparently even flash drives, it doesn’t matter. When designing my idea, I knew it was more for my own personal use, but I never actually considered the aesthetics of how people want to be using their own familiar devices. As soon as I stated my problem during my presentation, some people seem as though they couldn’t relate and a decent chunk of people seem to have completely blew off whatever I had said and completely made their minds up. As a designer, there were ways in which I could have accounted for more of these factors, and hopefully I can do so with my next design.

Anyways, thank you for your critique.


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