Quick Critique

A large number of the critiques that I received discussed moving the microphone into the center of the steering wheel. I found this to be an interesting concept that I hadn’t thought of before but would actually have been a great idea. Aside from those critiques though, the one that stood out the most to me said “Any other solutions beside microphone placement?”. While the critique was simple and straight to the point I believe that it opened my eyes most to the design process that I had gone through while coming up with new concepts. The entire time I was focused on trying to either move the microphone or enhance the quality of the microphone that existed in the vehicle. This critique made me realize that I could have spent more time focusing on different concepts that didn’t require just moving the microphone. They could have been concepts that dealt with UI design that would have helped eliminate the need for a microphone and/or voice recognition. I could have also considered solutions that dealt with making it easier and safer to use the phone itself within the vehicle. There are a number of solutions that I never considered that this critique helped me open my eyes to.


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