Quick Critique – Nicholas Hu

The innovation of Bluetooth speakers has brought about many awesome new technologies. Even though I have found a faulty aspect of my Bluetooth speaker, I absolutely love it. In my attempt to make the product better, I suggested adding an extra gesture feature of physically tapping and holding the speaker to switch the Bluetooth connection to another host. A great critique I got was:

What if you’re not in the same room as the device? Gestures wouldn’t work.

This might seem like an obvious critique that points out a flaw in my solution, however I honestly did not even think of that problem. I believe this is a great example  of the challenges for designing for yourself. Since I live in a smaller apartment with one main living room and two small bedrooms, everything is in a confined space for me. So when thinking of a solution, I thought of how I use the Bluetooth speaker from my own experience. Through my personal use of the speaker, it made sense to add a physical gesture to the speaker because I am always close to it.

Although this might be a flaw in my intervention, I think I would still keep the addition of the gesture. I think that adding hands on and fun functions of the speaker accentuates the use of the speaker as a tool for enjoyment. I would combine my two ideas together in adding a setting to the UE Booms app so that the switching of hosts can be done through the devices.


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