Quick Critique Response – Marcus Stewart

“Try to think of conflicts for your idea.”

I think this comment is one of the better ones because if I were to follow the advice of this comment then I would have been able to answer a lot of other cosmment. The most popular comments I received were about the problems that my solution presented; such as would the new remote work on TVs that didn’t have a sync button and would everyone who wanted to use the new remote have to buy a new TV. If I were to think about the conflicts for my idea, like the critic suggested, I would have included extra features in my solution that would fix these problems. After thinking about the conflicts for my idea I figured out a simple solution. The new remote with the sync button would also be able to connect to a TV using the original method. This way the remote will still work on older TVs as well as be more convenient for new TVs with the sync button.


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