Quick Critique Response

“What if you had an API? Then you could program it the way you want to use it.”

This post-it definitely made me think about a mobile element to the alarm clock. Another post-it similar to this suggested a configuration app. This could solve the problem of catering to different wants of different users. You could make an app that connected with the alarm clock, possibly through WiFi since most times you want to use an alarm clock (at home, in a hotel), you have WiFi. The app would allow the user to customize the number of times the clock snoozes before moving, in case they wanted more than one. You could also extend the idea and allow the app to change the time of the alarm. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even allow the clock to have speakers and instead of the obnoxious, loud sound that it makes, it could play music to wake you up.

But that’s a separate issue. An app connected to the alarm could be a better solution than my original idea of a switch (to allow the user to chose one or no snoozes). But it’s more complex than just adding a simple switch to the product. The decision to create an app would require research into how happy current customers are and into whether an app would attract more customers.

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