Quick Critique

Critique: “How would this standard be enforced?”

This is a good question and one I left out in my pitch. The main purpose of my pitch was to get the idea that propagated from designing for myself – to see how I could get the experience of having a printer tailored to me – for everyone. Realistically speaking however, it seems highly improbable such an idea will reach even the point of having to be enforced. In other words, such a system will not be implemented. There are a ton of reasons why it won’t, but a few that come to mind is that 1) companies will probably not cooperate as it’d hurt their revenue and 2) it would require massive collaboration and change from around the world (or even just in the U.S.)  to design and implement a system that would work for everyone, on any machine. Perhaps my view is a bit pessimistic but it just doesn’t seem feasible to me.


One thought on “Quick Critique

  1. jonathandowns says:

    I like that you admit your solution is not feasible. Having competing companies share standards is already hard (look at iPhone vs other phones), and that problem becomes even harder when the companies are printer companies, the notorious beings that decided that every printer ever needs its own separate ink cartridge.


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