Quick Critique – Ben Jaques


How much would these changes cost your apartment complex?

My pressure project dealt with my apartment complex’s laundry machine. In my project write-up issued earlier, I detailed the trade-offs between designing for myself and for the apartment complex at large. I believe this question ties into that idea. For instance, This is the very first question my apartment complex might ask themselves before designing a solution such as mine. When designing in place of a client like this, I think these are the questions that are most important. What would I do in their shoes? However, I’ve got to be honest here. I have no idea how much an endeavor like this would cost! I know these laundry machine units are built for adaptation, because I have seen technicians fix them using specialized cards and other tools of their own. I can’t imagine it costing very much to initiate a simple check from the machine before you’re forced to put your clothes inside of it. But this is really the sort of question that requires more detailed research. I’ll leave that up to my apartment complex. Apologies if you were looking for a more detailed answer, but the answer is not necessarily why I chose this post-it.

I chose this note because questions generally indicate some level of engagement. I like to think the person writing wasn’t doing so because they were forced into critiques, but because they were (and are!) genuinely curious about the subject matter. Connecting ideas is cool, but ideas connecting people is even cooler. So thank you for being interested and thank you for your feedback!

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