Quick Critique Response – Karsten

“Could we use a software update to change the timing of the gates instead of physical changes?”

In looking through the post it notes I saw several comments about changing the timing of the gates. The reason I chose this one out of the bunch was its use of the pronoun “we”. The fact that the critic used a word that implies a team effort was really fantastic. To me, that is a marker of a healthy critique — when the critic feels involved in discovering the solution.

To move into addressing the comment, I’m concerned with lengthening the time the gates are open. From what I noticed, people were constantly trying to push multiple people through the gates, effectively getting a 2 for the price of 1 deal. If we extend the time the gates are open, I think there would be a huge increase in the number of cheapskates riding the trains for free.

If there was an attendant present or if there was another way to enforce the 1 person/1 ticket policy, perhaps people would a little more civil and we could extend the timing of the gate without profit loss.


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