Quick Critique Response | Omavi Walker

“Not much of a solution. Just a specific suggestion.”

Of all my critiques, this one really stood out to me. I’d really love to ask the critic to define the word “solution.”  I am having a hard time deciphering between a solution and a specific suggestion, being that the Google definition of solution is “a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.”  In my mind, a specific suggestion happily fits in that definition of solution.

Now I could totally understand that this may not be so true in the critics mind. However, in that case, it would have been nice for the critic to explain to me what would have been a real solution versus a specific suggestion.

The only way that I can really make since of the critic’s comment is by considering that they may have thought that my answer was too abstract.  Rather than providing an exact technical path on how to accomplish this task, I gave a more broad approach that would be up to the original watch designers to implement.  If I had personally developed the watch I would have been able to give a more technical solution.  Nevertheless, in my current domain of knowledge on the subject, I felt as if my proposed solution was enough for the original designers to fix the problem without me offering specific solutions that are completely outside my domain of knowledge.


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