Quick Critique – Ethan Mattice

I got an overwhelming number of comments just suggesting that we make every screen a touchscreen. While I agree with that, I think the most interesting piece of feedback I got was a post it that suggested we make screens yell at individuals attempting to touch it. This definitely got me thinking. It brought me back to the discussions we had about controlling airport traffic on escalators and how a lot of the suggestions involved publicly shaming an individual who tried to bypass the rules of the escalator. While I think public shaming is the wrong word for it, I think it is incredibly effective, hilarious to those around who it is not happening to and an all around great teaching technique. There is a great chance that whatever action inspired the event will not be repeated if it causes embarrassment to the individual. That being said I think some sort of motion sensor that indicates when you have gotten too close to the screen by playing a recording of a voice screaming “THIS IS NOT A TOUCHSCREEN PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY” would be perfect motivation to not touch the monitor. It would also allow for great stories, everyone to have a laugh and for that person to probably never forget the time they were verbally assaulted by a piece of hardware. Most importantly they will probably never forget that the monitor is not touchscreen. On a side note I also considered people abusing this just because it would be hilarious and that would probably be the biggest issue with implementation, I know I would probably activate it on purpose 30-40 times just for fun.

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