Pressure Project 2 Reflection

During this project, it was a challenge to come up with a group that we want to work with. We sat as a group and made a list of different community that we have no information about. After making the list we came up with people being in debt over one million dollars is a group that we would like to learn more about.  Once we got a community selected, we started brain storming the different activities we can use for this group. During this part was a major challenge to come up with list of ideas. I learn that coming up different activities was a hard for me. I could not come with a good one at first but I was looking at my phone and finally came up with the idea of using the phone. Making the person to remove number of people from their list and tell us why.  This is was like among my group member because it made the person think about who. This is something I find inserting to do.



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