The Buzz Switch (Pressure Project 3)

Vision Impaired: Have difficulty in everyday tasks in current society, especially knowing if the lights are on or off at home. By not seeing as well as others users might leave the lights on at home, so our kit would be implemented throughout their house and synced with an application to notify the user if they left the lights on when they leave home

Short Description: The vision impaired experience many difficulties in their daily routines that the visually sound people don’t think twice about. The lights at their home for instance could be on or off and they might not be able to tell which. This of course could lead to higher electricity bills, the extra costs may be offsetting enough to cause them to postpone their trip to Hawaii or buying that new lazy-boy they’ve been eyeing for some time. Our group thus decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to create something that could aid this demographic in their lives.

For our actual construction of the project we decided that since when a person typically loses one sense their other’s are heightened. So with this we thought that the best thing was to reinforce this so we basically added a buzzer to notify the person when the light switch is flipped.

As far as building the prototype we messed around with both the makey makey and little bits but decided to go with the little bits because we wanted to have a light switch and buzzer to notify the user. We mostly just kind of already knew what we wanted since we already had experience with the little bits. Also with the overall construction it wasn’t to bad since our prototype is pretty simple just a light switch, light, and buzzer. With this we thought adding a helpful app to allow for checking to make sure that the lights are on/off.


Andrew Sanders

I do not know any visually impaired people, so when we chose to address this exclusion group I found it difficult to put myself in their shoes. As we discussed our thoughts though, I began to see possible challenges they might face and what they would need in order to overcome them. I believe that our design would make a contribution towards improving the quality of life for the visually impaired, even if it is small. My role was to work on the online deliverable portion of the project.

Mark Olsen

During the idea of coming up with a good topic for this pressure project had me thinking from the beginning. The most difficult part of this project is coming with a exclusion group. We were throwing out many different group. We finally decide on a group and once we did that the rest of the project was easy. The main part for my role was coming with a good group to cover and using personal knowledge of our group help with our design. I will be presenting for our group tomorrow.

Sean Rowland

The hardest part of the whole process was addressing an exclusion group. When we finally decided on the group that our kit would help we then needed to develop the product that would help them with challenges they face. Similar with past pressure projects it is always hard to develop without outside critiques. This leads to bias reviews of our own product. Besides the group contribution of the deliverable my role was to present the project.

Cody Mensavage

Definitely the hardest part for our group was to find an exclusion group. Since one of our members had experience dealing with the visually impaired. So we decided to go with that and I feel like we chose a pretty good topic. For our actual design we chose a small alarm system that will alert the user when a light switch is flipped. Since they are visually impaired they may not be able to see too well and thus may need a confirmation to allow them to know that the lights are on/off.


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