Group 1 Week 1: Idea Development and Pitch

  1. The goal. Identify the core nugget that explains what your pitch is trying to achieve.

The goal of this mesh network is to give people control over their own data. It will protect internet users from the hacking dangers associated with data mining and hacking, while stopping corporations from gathering users’ personal data for free.

  • Personal Security: broad protection from data mining and hackers
  • To stop corporations from gathering a user’s personal data for free
  • Mesh netting takes advantage of network durability, speed, and efficiency
  1. The idea. This is a version of your 5-second pitch.

The main idea is to provide a decentralized, fully-encrypted web infrastructure as an alternative to the world wide web.

  1. The problem. This is a modified version of a pitch set-up: as it provides a framework for the idea. Perhaps you can have a tight bulleted list of data points that identify the problem or short, realistic scenarios that expresses why these problems are important.
  • Corporations/monopolies gather personal data from their users for free, and in bulk
  • Once a company is hacked, most users in that network are hacked many times
  • Unencrypted data on the internet can be easily intercepted
  1. The audience. Who will this idea appeal to? What is the profile of the potential customer/user/agent? What is the profile of the non-customer? (Who would never ever be interested/horrified/angered by this idea?)
  • Anyone who uses the internet, especially users interested in better security.
  1. The approach. How does the idea work? Explain, at a high level, the outline for how the idea will be implemented – background research and methods.
  • Every node (device) will be both a server and a client
    • There will be no central servers or ISPs
  • Every communication that occurs on the network will be required to be encrypted
  • Network has built-in encrypted messaging service for texting, email, mms, location etc.
    • API/Protocols will enable developers to encrypt any data transferred
  1. Challenges & Unknowns. What are the big open issues that need to be resolved, or are questions a reasonable person would ask? If you were being pitched to, what questions would you have? Identify them and demonstrate you’ve thought about those issues – ideally with a credible (if fuzzy) plan, or plan for a plan, for resolving.
  • Crime/Terrorism-related use: This system should be able to protect anyone in with a device or logged into the system from having their data stolen or intercepted.  This could be a breeding ground for terrorism
  • Reliability: What happens if someone’s “server” device dies?
  • Security: Does each system/application cover its own security?
    • Do users have any control over their security?
  • What if we do not have a global wifi network?
  • Bandwidth and Storage: How will every device have enough storage to be a server?
    • How will every device have enough bandwidth to operate as a server?
  • Will users without a device be able to access this network?
  • Piracy: Will this network result in an increase in illegal downloads?
  • What about the children?

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