Pondr (Subject to change): Group 4

1. The idea.

In our world, people are functionally immortal by uploading their minds digitally and downloading it into bodies. Well, that world needs a dating app. That’s what we will provide.


2. The goal.

A goal is to help people work through the existential crises that people will inevitably experience as immortals. A goal is to help people find purpose in sharing something infinite. The goal is to ultimately help us understand ourselves and our relation with other people.


3. The problem.

The problem that brought this up was the relationship between technology and human relationships. It seems like technology is bringing the world closer but pulling people farther. Its like because we can so readily get social interactions at our finger tips, we take it for granted. It seems like because we see so much life happening around us, we get scared to live because we’re always afraid something better will come along and we missed the chance, so we’re afraid to commit. So we decided to take this to the extreme and reverse the polarity and probe what happens. Instead of being real and using the digital world to live through vicariously, in our world a person is digital and lives vicariously through avatars in the real world.
4. The audience.

Customer: People who are immortal that still values human interaction. People who want to feel what it is like to love and be loved, emotionally and physically.

Non Customer: First of all, we cater to the immortals, so mortals (either because they are the lower caste of society and can’t afford to be immortal or because they are morally against it) won’t be able to use our app. Also, people who decided to shed the human experience altogether won’t be interested in our app.


5. The approach.

Well, on the highest of levels, it should work like any other dating app. An entity will have a unique profile that shows off their value and the ability to look through and be matched with other entities. First we will have to do some projection exercises to see in what medium our dating app will be. Then we will probably do a web based prototype and embed the system into whatever medium we think is appropriate. Other than that much, we haven’t really figured much out since its hard to nail down the specifics of technology in this world.
6. Challenges & Unknowns.

The amount of challenges and unknowns that this idea possesses is huge and that is why we chose it.

First we have the cultural unknowns. In our world, human life is so drastically different that we would have no idea what culture would be like. Like what are social interactions like, if they exist? How are relationships viewed now that life is eternal? What is sexual orientation now that you can choose to be male or female bodies? Does dating even exist?

Our plan to make a plan to take on this challenge is based on prediction.  We’ll try to put ourselves in their shoes. Mainly asking people and ourselves a bunch of what-if scenarios. The scenarios will vary in scope from specific, like survey questions, to general, like diary writing.

Then we have the technological unknowns. What is technology like in this world? Do people spend most of their time digital or in bodies. What is technology use like when they are online? When they are in bodies? What are interfaces like now that the mind is digital? What are human-computer interactions like now that our bodies are superhuman?

Our plan to make a plan to take on this challenge is based on projection. We’ll try to look at current trends, cutting edge technology, and predicted technologies to see where things are headed. We’ll mainly look at technologies that revolutionize human tech interaction are change the human body in some way.


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