Genetic Modification VS. Physical Augmentations – Group 6

1. Goal:

In a world where advanced genetic modification has become commonplace among the wealthy to give their children greatly superior intelligence, strength, senses, health, etc, we intend to create a physical augmentation device that represents what the non-elite use to resist the system resulting from genetic modification.

2. Idea:

Physical augmentations that enhance the user’s physical and mental abilities.

3. Problem:

    • Genetic modification is expensive and widely inaccessible to lower class people.
    • The economically disadvantaged have difficulty functioning and sometimes even surviving in a society where intelligence, strength, etc. gained through genetic modification is expected.
    • Augmentations vary in price, with the more expensive ones being more discrete as well, while the easily accessible ones are much more noticeable.

4. Audience:

This idea appeals to disadvantaged people who do not have the finances for genetic modification or who are just uncomfortable with the ethics of genetic modification.

5. Approach:

An augmentation that aids the user’s intelligence by quickly and automatically accessing information and presenting data relating to elements within the environment.

These elements can include: people, animals, location, weather, history, events, politics, laws, etc.

Will utilize, speech to text, geo location, image processing, and potentially an augmented reality device word on the head to present information to user.

Example Situation:

  • Increased intelligence gives GMOed individuals increased reaction speed and interpretation abilities which allow them to be drive on roads at high speeds. To perform similarly non GMOed individuals use this physical augmentation to aid their driving abilities.

6. Challenges & Unknowns:


  • How are the devices powered?
  • Where does the data for intelligence enhancing devices come from?
  • How to create a useful contextually aware system within our parameters.


  • Can the devices be made discrete enough to go unnoticed?
  • Do non GMOed people ever have an advantage over GMOed people?
  • Are non GMOed people actively discriminated against by GMOed people?
  • What limitations are there on GMOed people?
  • Do all GMOed people have the same abilities and/or potential?
  • Would a GMOed person ever use a physical augmentation? Why or why not?



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