Group 7 – Rabbithole


50 years after the highest crime rates of all time, crime is almost nonexistent. How? Everyone has an internal chip implanted at birth which transmits their location to the government at all times. The government uses this data to predict terrorist attacks and easily track criminals that commit crimes. Due to this, very few citizens are still committing crimes since they know they cannot get away with them. However, a group of people are unhappy about having their movements tracked and are rebelling against this system.

  1. The goal

Protect the privacy of ordinary citizens who do not want to be watched. Prevent the government from tracking a person at all times.

  1. The idea

There are a lot of people that do not want to be tracked by the government. As a solution, we are creating a wearable signal jammer (named Rabbithole) that jams the transmission of the internal chip and makes a person in this world “invisible” to the government’s eyes.

  1. The problem

The problem in this world is one with privacy. For examples, the following are some ways this future system would fail:

  • The government becomes corrupt and uses the information to track people who do not agree with it
  • Hackers hijack the signal to stalk your every move
  • Since the data is sent to a centralized database, it would need to be very well secured; if it isn’t, it is vulnerable to hackers getting dangerous information on every person in the country and possibly targeting specific people

The problem that many citizens see at this time is that the tracking system is not necessary for them. Why should they see it as necessary? The vast majority of citizens do not commit any crimes and abide by the law. Therefore, they see the system as unnecessary in a society where most of the citizens are already law-abiding.

  1. The audience
  • Potential Customer
    • General public who want some privacy
    • Rebels against the government
    • People who want to abuse being anonymous (criminals/spies)
  • Non-customer
    • Advocates of government overwatch
    • Government
  1. The approach

Signal Jammer

Background – Cell phone jammers work by broadcasting on the same frequency and at a high enough power as cell phones do thereby blocking access to this radio band, in other words a DOS(Denial of Service) attack. Cell phones are designed to increase their power when they encounter interference and a jammer must recognize this and increase its power as well.

Methods – A jammer is composed of three components: an antenna, a circuit, and a power source. The power source can range from anything from a cell phone battery to power from a wall outlet. The antenna can be located on the inside, for inconspicuousness, or outside, for increased range. The circuit produces the frequency to be used and regulates its power to produce the jamming signal.

  1. Challenges & Unknowns


  • Creating a signal jammer in our current world is legally cloudy
  • Making the signal jammer discrete enough to not be noticed
  • Making the signal jammer affect as little an area as possible (so it only affects a single person, ideally)
  • Distribution and activation without government knowing
  • Preventing criminal activity as an outcome of this device


  • Difficulty of creating a signal jammer (although we have looked into it and it seems doable)
  • The effects of distributing this device to the public

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