Group 8 – Final Project Pitch

1. The goal. Identify the core nugget that explains what your pitch is trying to achieve.

Our mission is to be able to provide a sense of safety for everyone no matter what conditions they live in. While there are many similar deployable safety mechanism ours targets a larger audience that may not be able to afford more expensive models. Our self deploying shield is cost effective but still effective to ward off threats of all kinds. With this product people would not be limited to just staying indoors for safety, but now can venture to get resources needed to survive or even have a sense of freedom again.

2. The idea. This is a version of your 5-second pitch.

Deployable self-defense mechanism for a near-future, highly dangerous environment.

3. The problem. This is a modified version of a pitch set-up: as it provides a framework for the idea. Perhaps you can have a tight bulleted list of data points that identify the problem or short, realistic scenarios that expresses why these problems are important.

In an alternate reality, tensions within a country have caused a radical political revolution that dismantles the current government, essentially resulting in an anarchy where every man is for himself. This world has a rapidly depleting amount of resources, so the residents of this country have become increasingly savage towards one another in order to sustain themselves. Obviously, since the country now has no central authoritative body, no person is protected by any sort of laws against this criminal activity. Our solution is a deployable self-defense mechanism that would protect and potentially neutralize any incoming threats of violence or mugging.

4. The audience. Who will this idea appeal to? What is the profile of the potential customer/user/agent? What is the profile of the non-customer? (Who would never ever be interested/horrified/angered by this idea?)

Customers: General populace, civilians

Non-customers: Pacifists, figures of authority

5. The approach. How does the idea work? Explain, at a high level, the outline for how the idea will be implemented – background research and methods.

The idea will work when there is a threat approaches the user in a deadly action. The shield will be carry by user in a back pack. Where the user will press a button on the front strap of the backpack.  Once the button is press the shield will deployed from the background and the protect the user. The shield will deployed either automatically or self deployed. The shield will come back into the backpack once the user recall it by pressing the button. This idea came about to the fact of the trophy system that the military use to protect their armor vehicle from incoming missiles.  

6. Challenges & Unknowns. What are the big open issues that need to be resolved, or are questions a reasonable person would ask? If you were being pitched to, what questions would you have? Identify them and demonstrate you’ve thought about those issues – ideally with a credible (if fuzzy) plan, or plan for a plan, for resolving.

From the resistance point of view there would be many questions raised about safety/practicality:

  • Is this safe for use?
  • How heavy/compact is the product?

The challenges we faced that we had to ask ourselves. We want it to be as easy on the customer to obtain and to feel comfortable relying on the product.

  • How would you get the product to the audience?
  • Would it be claustrophobic in the bubble?
  • How do we account for various body shapes and sizes?
  • What are the different versions of this product?

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