Group 1 Week 2 Research


NewsTweek –

A device for manipulating news read by other people on wireless hotspots. Built into a small and innocuous wall plug, the Newstweek device appears part of the local infrastructure, allowing writers to remotely edit news read on wireless devices without the awareness of their users.

Harrisonburg Police Body Cam –

A related local news story. Harrisonburg, VA police refuse to release existing bodycam footage of fatal shooting, refuse third party investigation, citing “department preference.” HPD’s decision to not release the footage is raising questions about whether body cameras are being used as a tool of transparency or surveillance.

Little Printer –

Little Printer is a white box with orange legs that costs more than your Deskjet. It prints a tiny “newspaper” each day filled with your schedule, to-do’s, friends’ birthdays, news headlines, and even the most-liked Instagram picture from your feed that day — all in black and white, of course. It’s an art project that wants to be useful, and to be a nostalgic relic of an age passed.

Periscope Mobile Application –

Periscope is a live video streaming mobile application where users can watch what other users around the world are doing. Broadcasters can send out a link for other users to connect to and watch what the broadcaster is up to. The creators thought of the idea when they heard of a major event happening and went to Twitter to get the latest news but could not find any video.

Trusted News –

What news sources are the most trustworthy in our world today? How are these companies structured in order to gain the trust of the people?


How concerned are you by increased government surveillance?

How concerned are you about giving away your personal information to private organizations?

Do you read user agreements before giving away personal information?

How concerned are you with media bias?

Have you ever been falsely accused of something and wished you had video evidence to back your story up?

Have you ever witnessed an event and wished you had recorded it?

If there was a way for you to monitor what was happening in the world at any given moment, would you?

Do you feel that raw video footage is a reliable source of information?

Do you think you would act differently if you knew your actions could be monitored by friends and neighbors?

What is your primary medium for accessing news?

  • Social Media
  • Internet (private news company)
  • Internet (other), please explain ________
  • Television
  • Other, please explain _________

Do you feel confident in the reliability of your news source?

Which of the following places do you wish were monitored 24/7?

  • Parking garages
  • Road intersections
  • In front of your home
  • Businesses
  • Around your neighborhood
  • Parks/Beaches
  • Airports
  • Areas of conflict/controversy
  • Other, please specify ________

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