Group 7 – Research

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The Adjustment Bureau: Government restricts free will because it lead to worldwide disasters. Doorway teleportation relates to our product: link. Our users would sympathize with the characters who have their lives controlled by government surveillance.

Survey Questions

  • How would you feel if your movements, as well as everyone else’s movement, was always tracked by the government.
  • What if you knew that crime was at an all time low? Would you still feel the same?
  • How do you think this would affect hackers and security?
  • Would you rebel against this system?
  • If there was a device (reasonably priced) that would block the governments access to your whereabouts would you use it?
  • Even if this device is illegal?
  • What is your preferred method of carrying such a device? (i.e. watch/bracelet, phone extension, micro chip, etc.)

Instructions/App Design:

The instructions for spoofing location on android is well documented and the phone even has an option for it. The first thing to do is to go to settings->about phone then tap build number 7 times to enable developer mode. Then go to developer settings and enable mock locations. Then use the app to begin spoofing.  The spoofer apps all work by sending falsified location data to the phone. There doesn’t appear to be any smart watch exclusive apps but the existing phone apps may have an extension to allow their usage on a paired smart watch.

Related Apps:

  • Fake Location Spoofer Free
  • Virtual Location(Fake GPS)
  • X-Plane to GPS
  • Hide Me
  • GPS Route Simulator



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