Group 8 – D-Dome Research

Environment: Govern-less, faux-apocalyptic world where a majority of the populace leads a nomadic lifestyle.

Updated description: Wearable suit that automatically transforms into a livable shelter for one. These shelters have the ability to connect to other shelters of this kind in order to form small communities.



  • Interview with MSE major about the feasibility of our durable yet light material
  • Interview with ME major about the logistics of our deployment mechanism
  • Survey to target the use cases of temporary, potentially communal shelters:
  1. How much experience do you have camping?
    1. None
    2. 1-5 nights
    3. 6-10 nights
    4. 11-15 nights
    5. 15+ nights
  2. If yes, how long does it usually take to set up your tent?
    1. 1 to 10 Minutes
    2. 10 to 30 Minutes  
    3. 30 to 45 Minutes
    4. 45 to 60 Minutes
    5. 60+ Minutes

     3) Would you feel safe and comfortable sleeping in a tent in an unfamiliar environment

  1. Yes
  2. No

     4) Would you feel safe camping on your own?

  1. Yes
  2. No

     5) If you saw another camper on the same trail, would you likely join up with them?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Note: We will formally post this survey as a separate blog post by the end of today.



  • Relevant Technology: – Carbon nanotube technology for self-deployment information. – crazy apocalypse prevention gear for crazy people. – list of potential supplies to include within our kit.


  • Cost of Graphene
    Some U.S. vendors sell a layer of graphene on copper foil for roughly $60 per square inch. Many companies insist graphene needs to cost around $1 per square inch to be used for tech applications like transistors, and less than 10 cents an inch to be applied to touch-screen displays. 5.


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