Wandr (Group 4) – Research

Modern Research:


Precrime is already being implemented around the US and the technology used is evolving at a rapid rate. There are many states around the US that are already using these systems to predict the threats of specific people. They have also developed several algorithms that calculate the chances of a crime, such as burglary, to happen in different areas of a city. While there are very few states that actually utilize these systems at this point in time, there is a lot of talk about rolling these systems out across the nation. The government is willing to provide federal grants in order to help install and improve these precrime systems.


China is taking the act of precrime to the next level. They are currently contracting software companies to build software that will collect an assortment of data about their citizens. This data will consist of anything such as what they consume, their hobbies, what they do for a living, the medications they take, and about everything else a person may do. They will then utilize an algorithm that to determine who might be a terrorist within the country.

While these systems are being put in place there still isn’t much data that can be used as a model to determine who could possibly be a terrorist.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is working on building a system called FAST which will utilize sensors in order to collect data on people. Without having to actually touch the person, these sensors will be capable of collecting a person’s heartbeat, temperature, and even their eye movement. As most other systems, this system will also run all of this data in real­time through their algorithms and in the end determine if a specific person is likely to commit a crime.


Article that states Pennsylvania is the first state to allow precrime statistics to be used in sentencing and discusses the possible benefits and issues with this.


Article discussing precrime in the UK that includes a crowdsourced watchlist.


The basic principle around our world that is put to the extreme in our world.


Website for the IAA who wrote an app that allowed people in New York City to travel around and avoid security cameras.


Group that wrote an app that allowed people in New York City to travel around and avoid security cameras.


Watched an episode of psycho-­pass


History Research:


A major use of precrime by the US government against Japanese Americans after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.





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