Red Herring – The Tracker Hacker


  • Crime Rate is at an all-time low due to strict surveillance by the government
  • Citizens are tracked through two means:
    • Internal chips implanted at birth that track their location at all times
    • Cameras with facial recognition are tracking all citizens
  • Many citizens are angry at the current system and want their privacy back



Our Solutions

The Red Herringred-herring-01.png

What is the Red Herring?

  • Wearable Signal Interceptor
    • User wears something like a watch that, with the click of a button, starts blocking the signal sent from the internal chip and instead sends false location data to lead the government astray

ex1.jpg ex2.jpg

facial_recognition-01.pngWhat is CobraCover?

  • A type of makeup or temporary tattoo to be worn on the face that throws off the facial recognition of cameras
  • Similar to how a cobra throws off other animals with its design

Other Possible Ideas

  • Big sunglasses to hide face
  • Big hat to cover face
  • Crazy hair style that partially covers face, throwing off facial recognition

Our Paper Prototype






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