Group 3 – Eye for an Eye Responses

First critiquer

  • “Make a commitment” – Commit to a design decision
    • display: sticking to the wall panel but removing the “eye”
    • punishment: passive aggression
  • “Change behavior without actually telling you” – Research more color psychology and have a color gradient component to the punishment detection system (from first critiquers)
  • “Look into chindogu” – Chindogu may not apply in our situation

Second critiquer

  • “Expect the technology would fade out in the future?” – The technology won’t fade out in the future since it still helps with everyday living. The punishment portion may lessen as “eye for an eye” becomes human nature
  • “What if there isn’t a literal eye for an eye option? Does the system come up with alternatives?” – If there isn’t an equal punishment, the system will grade the pain on an “emotional scale” and offer equivalent punishment alternatives

Third critiquer

  • “First reaction: system is the opposite of a resistance or revolution”  – We’re still working on how to indicate resistance through the video/storyboard. Essentially, the justice system of today is flawed since it equates pain to money or jail time and our family is resisting by creating a truly “fair” world.
  • “Does system have physical capacity to touch people?” – No physical aspect.

Fourth critiquer

  • “Is the voice going to give a general suggestion or a specific one?” – The system will give a specific instruction if it can, but will otherwise give fair options
  • “How do you rein EVE in? Are there boundaries?” – Not really, EVE has the potential to “go bad.” We may provide a manual way to turn her off, though.

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