Group 7 – Response to the Response

Since we couldn’t read the names on all the critiques, we just numbered the critiquers. We took out what we thought was the most interesting point of discussion/criticism that was brought up and focused our attention on that.

Critiquer 1

“Go all sci-fi on all aspects of your project… Don’t let practicality preclude you from picking the best solution.”

This critique is one that really interested us. We purposefully went for an idea that was practical so that we could actually produce a prototype that represents our futuristic creation. If we went too sci-fi (i.e. invisibility suit, morph suit from “Scanner Darkly”), we wouldn’t be able to produce more than concept diagrams and images of what it may look like. Therefore, practicality was always at the back of our minds while we came up with our prototype. Going “all sci-fi” may actually impede our ability to produce a product by the end of the semester.

That being said, we really liked this critique because it encouraged us to be imaginative and creative. Instead of looking at the critique specifically in terms of sci-fi we can look at this critique more as saying “don’t be limited by any boundaries you create for yourself”. Specifically for our CobraCover idea, we can be more imaginative. We could look into creating full face masks that totally change your face (as seen in Mission Impossible).

We really liked this critique in the sense that it encourage creativity, which is definitely an aspect that we can focus on more.

Critiquer 2

“Could explore impact on society, integration a little more”

The impact of our system was something that was implicitly clear to us from the start, but we spent most of our time going over the details of our system that we forgot to take a step back and talk about the bigger picture. The main, underlying goal of our system is to get the government to abandon the use of RFID implants once they realize that the system is broken and that privacy is a resource that humans will always fight for. We want to do this by making the government of our future distrust their own data, hence the location spoofing/algorithm dodging.

The integration, however, is another story. Our CobraCover idea relies heavily on social trends, which are difficult to manipulate. We definitely need to do extensive market research in order to come up with a solid plan on how to disperse CobraCover makeup and accessories to people on a city-wide or nation-wide basis without the government catching on to the true purpose of the trend (evade camera detection). Fashion trends are erratic and unpredictable already, and it will be no easy task to start our own.

Critiquer 3

“Would have liked to hear more about integrated research”

Our presentation focused deliverables to ensure we get enough feedback on our initial pitch. That being said, these deliverables were conceptualized from researching topics in surveillance. The app was straightforward since GPS simulators are already on the app store. We are added more features to better fit the needs of our fictional world. The CobraCover was inspired by a project found on the internet Our other research focused on finding existing projects that solved some current surveillance methods as well.

This critique is a helpful reminder to emphasis our reasoning in the design process. Research results in a more complete project and useful in pitching an unfamiliar idea. We are sure that including more research will ultimately result in a better product and smarter marketing.

Critiquer 4

“Would prefer to see tighter integration of two concepts”

In regards to integration of the two concepts we believe that the system would be more successful if they were independent to some degree. The CobraCover concept is to be treated as something like high fashion in our world and therefore many people would be using it, without the intention of using the RedHerring app, for the fashion aspect of it. In fact if they were further integrated, people who have no interest in the RedHerring app may be off put by the association with this spoofing app, and would this impede the propagation of our fashion trend. The system would work best if some people just use CobraCover for the fashion aspect, because then using it would not be a clear indication of association with the app further obscuring the government’s observations.

The app users can be seen as something like a sub-group of people who use CobraCover. In this way the government can’t single out app users by singling out CobraCover users.

Critiquer 5

“images hard to see”

“motivation is clear but ideation and selection were not made explicit”

Regarding the first comment about the images, we plan on having larger visuals for our final presentation as well as a working demo for people to test out. As soon as we set up our station last Thursday we realized that our visuals were pretty hard to see and they looked kind of bland because there was no color added to our illustrations. We will make the illustrations more visually appealing for our final presentation.

We thought the second comment was very helpful. Prior to the presentation on Thursday we did really think too much about how the system will be advertised to consumers in our fictional setting. We had the idea of advertising the CobraCover as a fashion trend and marketing the RedHarring app to college students because they tend to be very impressionable so hopefully the popularity of the app will spread through them. This critique really made us think about the practicality of our idea and we plan to explore more on this topic so we will have an answer in time for the final presentation.


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