PubliCam Critique Response/Prototype


Overall, our four critics responded well to our proposed system of live video streaming. While they enjoyed our presentation and the aesthetic of our project, they expressed concern in their written critique that we didn’t cover more existing projects in the same vein as our concept. In looking at their written comments they are all on board with our methods and process, noting that our project seemed to fit into an imaginable reality. Interestingly enough, their thoughts on the matter were divided, coming to entirely different conclusions as to whether or not that imaginable reality fit into the prompt adequately. Specifically, one noted that our project “sits in a gray area” while another gave us full marks for developing a feasible concept.


Although there were questions about our imagined future world, critics certainly understood and identified with the concept of our privacy being stripped away by the government. The lack of government transparency has made national news several times over the past few years, including events such as the Snowden leaks and the Panama papers.

Critics of the project tend to voice confusion as to how we’re planning on distributing and guaranteeing the security of the information we’re selling, so we need to address these issues somehow. We have proposed several potential solutions, including offline storage, several copies of information, and overlapping feeds. We need to flesh these ideas out and analyze the potential consequences for each.

Further, many critics vocalized concern that they haven’t seen very many other solutions similar to our project. While no other product exists with these exact specifications, there are several other services out on the market that have live webcams. Our service simply takes these current technologies to the next level offering information security and a focus on personal security and public accountability.


  • Web development
  • Polished design sketches
  • Video Documentation


1 over18

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2 globeview

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3 america

—-Click on New York.—-

4 new york

—-Click on Albany.—-

5 albany

—-Click on a node.—

6 camview


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