Group 4 – Critiques


“What are the legal issues around this particular problem?”

“Is our app considered legal at the time of this world?”

The answer is yes, it is legal. Our app would be legal in the since like currently the app Waze is legal for tracking speed traps and accidents.

“What will people have in the future? Probably not phones. Look at sci-fi and think of what it will look like in the future.”

Actually in our world smartphones will still exist and will be prominently used in everyday life. They will be more advanced but not some super advanced chip or something. Applications will also be used and common in society.

Overall we feel like that we learned a lot from the critiques and it really helped us to flesh out different ideas that we weren’t sure about and now have a much more concrete idea on what we want and need to do.



“System needs more iteration”

“Should be committed to ideas”

“You build the system and world, so make it concrete”

Above are a few responses that we had received from Steve after finishing our pitch to him. He pointed out a lot of aspects of our project that we hadn’t previously realized. Steve made it clear to us that we needed to create more concrete details about our world and system rather than saying “it could be this” or “it could be that”. One of the main examples of this was regarding whether our app would be legal or not. Prior to Steve’s critique there was a lot of debate over whether our app would be legal in the world we created (we weren’t sure). Afterwards though, we made the decision that in our world it would definitely be legal.

Steve also pointed out that our system needed more iteration. Therefore we are taking the time to go through our system a couple more times to work out the kinks and all the little problems.



Critique number three helped us to develop the idea of a safe house or a cooling area where people who are at the first two thresholds could self-reflect and calm down so they do not get caught by the scanners due to an ‘off-day.’ During this critique we were not sure about the legality of our application in our world but he helped us to create an idea of somehow trying to loop-hole through our world/government.

He was leaning away from the computer science application side of things and more towards the chemical reactions and science. He felt when the body is going through rage a chemical reaction is probably something that will help more with calming the person down. We never thought of chemical or medicine to be a solution because of our computer science background and since we did not know the technicalities required for biology.



Critique number second was very confused as to what we were supposed to do, maybe because we did not deliver our world, our system or what we had in mind well. She asked questions regarding proximity of sensors and patrol bots, which we never discussed about as a group. She helped us to think more about the ‘unknowns’ of our project and wanted us to create a concrete idea which we can follow through in our system. She was wondering if our system would solve or create problems, which helped us to create the idea of helping the people who are actually ‘innocent’ and are having a bad day rather than helping everything, including the culprits and criminals who could misuse this application. She gave us an idea for an ‘underground railroad’ as a way of resisting our world.

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