Group 4 – Paper Prototyping and Storyboards

Paper Prototypes


This is the initial rough sketch that we came up with that represented the system that we had in mind. A represents the starting location of the user and B is the final location that they are trying to get to. In the center there is a solid circle that represents the patrol bot that moves along a defined path (the two arrows extending out from the bot). The rest of the circles on the map represent the locations of various sensors that analyze a person and determine the probability of them committing a crime. The route that is shown (from A to B) avoids the patrol bot and all of these sensors in order to help prevent the person from getting caught.


This is our improved and final paper prototype that we have come up with. There is much more detail that closely resembles what we want our final product to look like. The green circle represents the starting location of the user and the star is the location the user is trying to get to. All of the red squares (sensors) and orange circle (patrol bot) are all of the obstacles that the user is trying to avoid. In this prototype you can see three different paths (green, blue, and purple) that the user can choose from.
When producing our final product there are a few changes that we’d like to make. First we’d like to make all of the graphics user-friendly (such as changing the green circle to a small person graphic that will move with the user’s current location). We’d also like to add the distance of each route next to it so that the user knows which routes are the longest/shortest.




This first storyboard shows a person’s girlfriend breaking up with him. After the breakup the person is clearly upset and distressed. If he were to walk near any of the scanners he would be detected as a potential threat. Therefore he uses our system in order to make it from his ex-girlfriend’s house to his own safely by avoiding all of the sensors/patrol bots.


This second storyboard shows a person getting fired from his job and therefore he is extremely angry. If the scanners were to analyze him at this moment in time he would end up being detained. To avoid being detained he chooses to use our system to get home. The system realizes that there is no safe route for him to get home though and instead recommends a safe zone for him to go to. He then goes to this safe zone until his levels are in the clear for him to head home.

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