Group 8 (D-Dome) Timeline of Events


April 19th

  • Evaluation plan created
  • Rough sketches of prototype design
  • World refinement

April 20th

  • Obtain parts and make preliminary progress toward prototype(s)
    • Sam will get cloth/synthetic material for tent/suit shell
  • Document design process
  • Make a presentation for design process and evaluation plan

April 21st* – Online documentation of design process. Development and presentation of evaluation plan.

  • Mark obtains 3D printed prototype (if ready)

April 26th – Conduct evaluation study and produce concept video

  • Conduct Evaluation Study
  • Most of prototype progress is complete

April 28th* – 90% DUE

  • Prototypes done
  • Technical details addressed (alternative energy, alternative forms of suit)
  • Storyboard of Video (bare minimum), actual video done (stretch goal)
  • Presentation outline

April 29th

  • Final touches for video and prototype
  • Rehearse presentation

May 2nd* – ICAT DAY

May 3rd* – Exhibit and Final Presentation


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