March 17
Futures wheel

March 8
Thought this looked cool and it reminded me of LittleBits. It isn’t out yet, but it will be like Legos that you can make into simple circuits. -Jonathan

March 3: Future thoughts
Aisling Kelliher (2014). Critical Multimedia, IEEE MultiMedia, Vol 21, Issue 4, Oct – Dec 2014.

Speculative Design
Auger and Loizeau’s Audio Tooth Implant
Julian Oliver’s Transparency Grenade
Dunne and Raby’s Foragers

Architecture and the future
Haus-Rucker-Co’s Mind Expander and Environment Transformer and Flyhead, ViewAtomizer, and Drizzle
Archigram’s Walking Cities
Superstudio and Archizoom Superarchitettura

From Design Fiction to Experiential Futures
Corning’s A Day Made of Glass
Superflux’s Song of the Machine
Purple Tornado’s Fly me to the Moon
Hollington and Kyprianou’s Adams & Smith
Superflux’s Ark-Inc
Candy, Kornfield, Dunagan, and Nichols’ Our Plastic Century

Video Visions of the Future
Microsoft’s Future Vision of… series playlist (2004 – 2009)
Apple’s Knowledge Navigator
HP Labs’ Cool Town
Sun Microsystem’s Starfire
Motorola’s 2000 A.D.
AT&T’s Connections
Apple’s Grey Flannel Navigator
Microsoft’s Project Natal
Microsoft Office Labs Productivity Future Vision

February 25
Grindhouse Wetware
Oblong Industries
Scott Snibbe
Apple Accessibility
W3C validator

February 11
From Class:
Computers watching movies – Ben Grosser
What if computers decided the Oscars – Culture File radio show
Jane McGonigal
The running novelist

Facebook studies:
I Voted Button: “A 61-million-person experiment in social influence and political mobilization”. Reaction: Mother Jones

Mood Manipulation Study: Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks
Reaction: Atlantic, Guardian

February 9
From Class:
Blend turns off spell check for 72 hours. You won’t believe what they discovered!
Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State University
Inclusive Design Toolkit
Inclusive Design – British Design Council
Design Meets Disability

Virtual Assistant Hologram (Newark); Athens Airport 
Arizona Proving Ground (automobile testing)
Airport Navigation Signage
Benno Wissing, designer of Schiphol Airport signage
Tyrant Clock

January 26
From Class:
Damien Hirst Spot Paintings
Jeff Koons
Andy Goldsworthy
Trailer for Rivers and Tides
K Foundation (formerly KLF) burn a million pounds
Wu Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

January 21
From Class:
The Intelvator
Dan Ariely

We Make Money Not Art
Make Schools
Today and Tomorrow
This is Collosal
Future Feeder
Data is nature
Creators Project
Creative Applications
Not Cot

January 19
Body Movies
Absolut Machines
Mixed Reality Rehabilitation

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